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Is your site HTTPS SECURE? It needs to be soon!

Have you noticed that some sites have a green lock icon and say “Secure” up in front of the web address, and others don’t? That is indicating whether the site… Readmore

Google wants your website to be mobile responsive

Saying that Google wants your website to be mobile responsive is an understatement. With over half of searches now being done on mobile devices, Google (and Bing) are making it… Readmore

WordPress – nothing compares

When I was working towards opening Blue Rain Designs, WordPress was young and rough around the edges and most people thought it was “just a blog”. But it showed amazing… Readmore

Avoid Blackhat SEO Scams

SEO – search engine optimization. Everyone knows they need it, but many business owners don’t really know much about it, and fewer know that some methods of SEO can hurt your business.… Readmore